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Dealer Direct Sales in Europe for THM

2017-09-05 source own
THM, known for its high-quality components, has now started their distribution to European dealers as part of their takeover from 3T last year. For all retailers, the company believe they offer quicker fulfilment as well as greater transparency for orders.

According to Rene Wiertz, President of 3T, “There's lots of pent-up demand for THM's wonderful products and with our new B2B platform we'll be able to fulfill that demand. We're investing in building stock so that the high-end dealers throughout Europe who've been asking us for products will be able to order what their customers are asking for, with minimal lead times. ... THM is making some of the world's finest and lightest components. Their performance on our Exploro multi-surface bikes has been flawless, and we expect demand to ramp up further with the debut of our 3T Strada all-purpose road bikes.”

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